Love Relationships – Real World Advice You Can Actually Use

If you’ve been reading advice in love relationships lately, you’ve probably come across some things that may have seemed impractical. Flying off for a weekend getaway may not fit into many people’s budgets or schedules. Cooking a homemade gourmet meal won’t work out if you’re not a great cook. Running off for a spur of the moment trip is hard when you need to arrange child care or when your work schedules don’t permit it.

The worst thing about this advice is that it has nothing to do with developing a great relationship. Sure, it’ll add some excitement to your relationship, but when you get back from your weekend or after the meal if over, you’ll still have the same issues. A great relationship is based on your bond with each other, how close you are not how much you spend or how creative you are with your dates.

Fortunately there are things you can do to start improving your love relationships, and these things don’t require time, talent or money.

Respect each other!

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. But you can never hear it enough. This is a rule to live by in all of your relationships. Now it may seem simple. When you love someone it’s easy to treat them well, by showing them kindness and respect. That’s not always easy to do when you live with someone. In fact when you see someone every day, respect can easily be forgotten.

What can you do? Pick someone you respect, such as your grandmother or your favorite religious leader. Don’t say anything to your partner that you wouldn’t say to that person. If you slip up, apologize. Don’t let a thoughtless remark end your relationship.

Support each other!

Have you ever been excited about something and wanted to share it with someone. If you’ve ever shared a thought or idea with someone who shot it down or acted as though it wasn’t important, you know how crushing that is. While you wouldn’t want anyone doing that to you, you may be doing that to your partner.

What can you do? When your partner shares his goals, dreams and ideas with you, try to find something positive to say about it, even if you don’t really love the idea itself. You can point out major flaws in his plan, gently. But whatever his final decision is, let him know that he has your support. This can make or break a relationship

Learn to let go!

Does your partner do things that are irritating? Before you bring it to his attention think about this. If this something he can change easily or is it part of his personality. If you think you’ll need to be nagging him for the next few years to get him to change, ask yourself is it worth it.

What can you do? If this is something that can be easily changed, bring it to his attention. If not, you need to decide if this is something you can put up with or is it something that you’re willing to break up your relationship over. Or you can nag him for years which may end your relationship in the long run anyway. If you do choose to overlook it, never mention it again. This is the kind of tolerance and acceptance that allows older married couples to stay together.

No matter what stage your relationship is in, these are things you can do to improve your relationship. Remember by consistently doing these three things, respect, support and acceptance you will improve your love relationships chances of long-term success.

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