7 Tips for Successful Mobile Dating –

The ease and cheap costs of SMS messaging these days makes it a possible avenue for virtual dating. Recently, a lot of people have been”meeting”and flirting through their mobile phones. Sometimes, these digital romances end up being disasters. However, if done right, they can bring you great experiences that you won’t have elsewhere. Here are some tips to maximize the potential of mobile dating.

1. Be more outspoken. If you’re too timid, you won’t get anywhere and your potential dates might get snatched up by someone else. Be bold enough to make the first move.

2. Be yourself. Don’t lie about anything – you’ll surely get caught. And when you do, you would’ve made a bad name for yourself, since it’s possible that your mobile date will spread the news around. Besides, you’re unique. Why try to be like somebody else?

3. Don’t give away sensitive information. From your home address to your workplace to how much your income is, don’t tell anyone you haven’t met face-to-face about the details of your everyday life. Wait until you’ve met for a few dates in person before you divulge this information.

4. Use proper spelling and grammar. Sure, SMS messaging is usually shortened text – but that makes you sound like an illiterate. To sound more cultured, you need to type out words properly. A true gentleman or lady knows this. Besides, if you send poetic messages, you’ll surely win someone’s heart.

5. Spend some time thinking about your messages. Think about what you would reply if you received the message yourself. After all, you can’t take these messages back once you’ve sent them.

6. When you decide to meet, keep yourself safe. Meet in a public place and let your friends or family know about where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Although there are a lot of genuinely romantic people out there, some people who join in the mobile dating world can be creepy – even if they don’t mean to be. You can even go out on a double date with one of your friends to be sure.

7. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Ask questions about your prospective date’s life, hobbies, and interests. It only takes a couple of self-centered text messages to make her think you’re full of yourself. Find out what your common interests are and pursue that topic so that your conversations will stay fun and focused.