Addicted to flirting? You are not alone

Flirting is addictive.
Perhaps not yet something that has a medical condition attached to it yet, or something that you need therapy for. Yet the rush that you get from making a girl giggle at a racy or saucy comment is like a drug.
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The internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities for flirting in adult chat rooms, where in a safe, secure environment, you can talk for hours to horny, flirting partners. One of my favourite jokes is «Why is the top of a girl’s stocking called the giggle band? Get past that and you are laughing!» I love using saucy jokes and innuendo when I am flirting. It’s sometimes a bit more difficult to get the intonation right when flirting in written text, but with video chat, it’s like being in the same room with someone.

I find it’s all about sensing the mood and testing out a few areas for conversation. I always try and have a joke or two on standby in case things start to slow down, or my partner needs a bit of encouragement. How about comments like «Sex for women is like snow – they don’t know when they are going to get it, or how many inches they’ll get».

Another joke I like to use when flirting  is «Two egotists making love; she says «God, I’m tight!» He says «No, just full.»”

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I honed my flirting skills when I was married but unhappy.
I guess it came from being a bit more mature and confident with girls. Maybe I felt safe behind my wedding ring; I was attached, but available when it suited me. I always had the safe haven of being married as an excuse to back out of situations I was unhappy with.

I do get an immense sense of being attractive to women when they start flirting back with me. Sometimes I find it takes a while to break down a lack of response or lack of interest. I put that down to the fact that some women don’t realise you are flirting with them, at least for the first few times. But persevere, my friends and you will get your rewards.

Sometimes with flirting, I will choose a target and work on her; I like the look of her, and I want her to like me, and know that I like her. Other times, it’s completely spontaneous; it may not lead to anything, but the flirting rush was worth the effort.
Check back every now and then, and I’ll update you on my exploits, as a serial flirter, who just can’t help himself.