Ending A Relationship – Will It Have To Be Difficult?

Breaking up is tough to do. Somebody usually ends up hurt, whether intentional or not. But it does not need to be as bad as many make it appear. One thing about breaking up is : it isn’t a bad occurrence . Look at it from a different perspective. Whether it’s guys splitting up with girls, or the other way around, it can actually be a nice thing for both parties concerned.

The process of ending a relationship also has rules. Perhaps they are not carved in stone sort of rules, but more unwritten vis basic kindness. Clearly, not every situation can be though of as civil. Nevertheless, in relationship where true respect is involved, there are some unspoken ways to treat a breakup.

First off, think about yourself.

If you were the one to hear the bad news that your squeeze or hubby wished to end the relationship, how would you feel? How would you wish to feel? You would not wish to be let down in a public place in front of other folk. You would not need it to be in a position where you are enjoying yourself. Nor would you want to be embarrassed in any way. These are things to consider if you needed to end a relationship with somebody. You should treat others the way in which you want to be treated – with respect and empathy.

In many cases, it doesn’t have to be a bad break in any way.

You both may not get along, and may decide to not even be chums any longer, let alone consider getting married. That’s fine. You can move on with your life, and so are they able to. But an important aspect in or out of any relationship is to speak about it. Both parties have to be prepared to share their feelings across the relationship, not just when the time has come for breaking up.

If the communication channels aren’t there, then it’s going to be tougher on everybody concerned, and chances are, there’ll be unanswered questions that would have potentially prevented this break up.

One must consider the other persons’ feelings in what they do. So talk it out and be considerate of the one you may finish up hurting. Give some thought to what choices you are making and the explanations behind them. Then debate strategies it might benefit or be harmful for breaking up with somebody you once had feelings for. You can just find that you can stay together and make it work!