How to Approach Girls in a Party

Conversation in a party is supposed to flow, right? I mean, with so many people there adding something to a conversation, any set can be dynamic, full of energy and excitement. Ideas for conversation topics come to you from literally every corner of the room. But too often, socializing in a party turns into a boring, predictable thing where guys stay enclosed in their own all-male sets because theyre too hesitant to approach a woman or a group of women.

Don’t get stuck in this rut. Learning how to approach girls in a club won’t begin with having the same conversation with the same individuals. Going with a few guys who also have no idea how to approach girls is tolerableas long as youre all committed and keen to try several methods on how to approach girls.

How to Approach Girls in a Party 2 Tips

1. Simply Go For It

The shift from bored to death to totally into it begins when you move toward your first group. Take note that it does not have to be one girl. In fact, it is better if you go for a set of women at the outset so you can move out of your shell quick.

I understand that it’s more frightening to join a group than joining a lone girl at the bar. You might think that you can’t handle all the personalities and the attention. But as soon as you start, you will realize that it’s extremely exhilirating to talk to several women at once. It’s the best way to start learning how to approach girls and how to make them laugh.

What if its a mixed set? Dont worry about it. Your goal is to flow into the mindset of socializing and getting your groove on. The objective is to make the most of your time in the party, without falling into a pattern of interacting with the same people (in particular, the ones who went with you there), talking about the same topics, and bringing nothing new to the conversation.

You can always go back to your group or hang with the people you went with, but to understand how to approach girls, join and mingle with other people.

2. Try Something Different.

Making sure you stand out in a crowd sometimes means doing what others are not. How you present your persona matters more to women than your looks.

The key to learning how to approach girls is to dare create a display that most of these women have never seen or experienced before. Sometimes, the greatest routines are best handled by men who dared to risk it. Remember that most girls are tired of the same old thing in parties (even “simply talking” can be boring). Be the spirit of fun by showing them something new.

Here’s my suggestion. Approach women and show them a magic trick or two. Catch them off guard by showing your flair for something that no one else knows about. In fact, use an opener thats guaranteed to entertain and fascinate women immediately.

A party is the best place to try the Hiroshima Opener. Its a fun and easy way to approach women.
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